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Be Our Guest

Want to see what Tyler Coin Club is all about?  Be our guest at the next meeting.  We think you'll find our members very friendly and our meetings quite interesting.

Become A New Member

Membership Application

Ready to become a member?  Membership is $20 per year.  To accomodate new members joining at various times throughout year, the following quarterly prorated dues will apply for new members:

  • $20 - January thru March
  • $15 - April thru June
  • $10 - July thru September
  • $  5 - October thru December

Membership Renewal

Payment for membership renewal is due at the January meeting.

Club Auctions

You must be a current member to sell items in the auction. Guests are welcome to bid on auction items; please get a temporary bidder number prior to auction start.

Auction rules

  • Sellers are charged 50¢ per item entered into the auction
  • Each aucton item must be submitted with an auction form and include member name or number, description, and minimum starting bid
  • If a member is interested in bidding on a item, the auction slip (not the actual item) must be tagged with a color dot (provided by club)
  • If an item (auction slip) is not tagged with color dot, it will not be auctioned

Next Meeting

November 8, 2022 7pm

UT Tyler Campus
W.T. Brookshire Hall Room #133
(Parking Lot P10)
Tyler, TX 75799
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Member Documents

Plain Auction Form (PDF)

Logo Auction Form (PDF)